Trafford Road

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Trafford Road

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Trafford Road, Salford
133 apartments
Planning Authority
Salford City Council

This high density residential development is located on a key gateway site in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester.

The building comprises 133 apartments, including three luxury penthouses, and three ground floor commercial units incorporating frontages facing onto Trafford Road, the main thoroughfare running through the area. An attractive landscaped amenity area for the exclusive use of the residents and 34 private secure car parking spaces are also provided.

The building progressively steps up in height from 8, to 11, to 14 floors and is a landmark feature when entering Salford Quays from the north along Trafford Road. The building offers stunning views over the former docklands and is located within five minutes walk of two Metrolink stations, providing excellent accessibility across the Greater Manchester area.

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